POS 2.22 Release Notes


Features and Enhancements

  • Pet Badges have been added to Pet Tracker. This will allow you to add badges on pets just like you could on breeds before. The badges will show up on the puppy pages in a future update to the websites.


  • The Smart Search in the Cash Register has been updated so it will first check any search as a barcode, and only after not finding a single response, will then run the search like a Smart Search. This will result in any quantity that is associated with the barcode to still be applied.


  • You can now see and also edit with permission Bonus Buck balances under the Manage Customer screen.


Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • You can now successfully set the primary barcode on bundles.

  • There is a fix to allow sales to be completed with more than one credit card processor.

  • The data export add on has been fixed so selecting sftp will save the export as sftp.

  • The Settings tab within Manage Product has been renamed to Location Settings to make it more obvious the settings on that tab are specific to the location.

  • The extended action button in invoices has been corrected with pressing on it on layaways.

  • There’s a new form that will open when returning a bundle when there is more than one possible bundle variation that has been sold in the last 90 days.

  • Disclaimer text on printed receipts will now wrap automatically.

  • Returning a bundle without a receipt that has been modified now will present an additional screen to select from the multiple bundle variations used in the last 90 days.

Beta Features

If you wish to test one of these features, please call support. They can be selectively turned on on individual computers.

  • AVS Support for manually entering credit cards.

  • Asynchronous receipt printing to allow the cash register to continue and not wait for the receipt printer to finish printing.

  • You can now specify the barcode search as the default search option in the cash register.

POS 2.17 Release Notes