POS 2.17 Release Notes


Features and Enhancements

Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • There was an issue in the sales screen that could result in the item list still showing after an invoice had been completed. That has been corrected.

  • The employee password is not required again to update an employee record.

  • The Mac updater has been corrected. Current installs will need to be manually updated to correct this prior issue.

  • There have been improvements to how Astro Rebates that can't be completed get cleaned up.

  • The check for if there are open holds before closing has been updated to use the time zone of the store. This will prevent a window that was previously not considered when figuring out if a hold was from the current tray session.

  • An issue that could cause a bundle price to get off when manually overriding the bundle price has been fixed.

  • The LostMyPet QR Tag will always show as uppercase now to make it easier to read.

  • Redeeming an Astro Offer and an Astro Frequent Buyer free bag on the same item on an invoice is now blocked.

  • You can now send multiple E-Invoices to Receiving via Mass Actions at the same time.

  • We fixed an issue where invalid barcode scans can reappear after they have been cleared.

  • There is a fix for Return from Customer invoices that would result in an erroneous cash payment that would need to be cleared.

Beta Features

If you wish to test one of these features, please call support. They can be selectively turned on on individual computers.

  • AVS Support for manually entering credit cards.

  • Asynchronous receipt printing to allow the cash register to continue and not wait for the receipt printer to finish printing.

  • Pet Badges are being added to Pet Tracker. This will allow you to add badges on pets just like you could on breeds before.

Version 2.18