Pinogy Point of Sale & Astro Loyalty

The first complete Astro Loyalty Integration

Better Control, Greater Overview & Powerful Retail Features

Fully Automated. No More Mistakes.



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Pinogy POS is Fully Integrated with Astro Loyalty

This  full  integration with Astro Loyalty means that there is no flip flopping back and forth between your the POS and Astro during the Checkout process. Pinogy has everything you need to know about the customer's Astro Pet Owner account right there with the Pinogy Sale.

Your Ready-to-use solution
That's right! Pinogy will send your customer's frequent buyer purchases to their Astro Pet Owner Account and add those purchases to their cards for you. There are no extra steps that could be forgotten so customers will never miss out on a purchase credit.

Pinogy Support   will gladly answer any questions you have about their system and give you a full tour of how their POS System functions outside of Astro Loyalty.