Top Tier, Optimized

Pinogy’s approach to Digital Marketing is to utilize top tier marketers supplemented with our proprietary technology so that they have more time to optimize your campaigns.

Hmm, Magic

Digital Marketing quite often seems more like some mysterious magic box than a dependable consistent experience with measurable results and campaigns driven by data.


We have developed our integrations to Google Ads, Google My Business, Microsoft Ads, Meta Ads and others as a way to maximize our efforts on managing campaigns and not on repetitive tasks.  A good example of this is turning product specific campaigns on and off as inventory in the POS dictates. This way you are only spending marketing dollars on the products you have in stock and consumers are seeing relevant ads that interest them. 

Without this process we would have to manually manage each campaign or worse many would just leave those ads running as generic campaigns that siphon away ad dollars that don’t convert as effectively as a managed campaign.

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When we automate processes, it leaves us with more time to optimize the campaigns as opposed to just maintaining a campaign. While automation saves a large amount of time it does not eliminate the need for well manage manual campaigns for special events or promotions outside of the normal scope of your automated marketing. This is why our marketers time is so important and we work to protect it through automation.

Artificial Intelligence

We utilize Machine Learning to better target customers. 
Data from your POS as well as zip code data and consumer demographics are used to enhance our marketing efforts.
Our software learns who your customers are and more effectively targets your buyers everyday.

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Google Ads

We are a Google Premier Partner and know search engine marketing inside and out. 

We can manage multi-location campaigns with exclusions zones for franchises & chains or empower the
independent retailer with the same technology the big guys use.

Microsoft Ads

This platform has proven very effective for many of our retailers looking to get more traffic while maintaining ad spend. 

We are able to sync our campaigns between Bing and Google Ads so that we provide a consistent experience and reporting.


We provide weekly reporting and monthly summaries on all of our accounts.  If you have a question you don’t have to wait till the end of the month. 

Just give us a call or schedule a review at your convenience.

POS Integration

You can control access to many of these services directly through your POS.

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We don't have high minimum ad spends for our campaigns. We find that most retailers start small and grow over time with our services. Digital Marketing almost always becomes part of your core marketing program.

Automated campaigns start at $25 a day.
Manual campaigns start at $65 a day.

We have plans that allow accounts to pre-pay or post-pay for their advertising. Pre-paid accounts benefit from additional savings and post-paid are billed at the end of each month.