Point of Sale

Release Notes

Features and Enhancements

  • You can now mark products for deletion in the future. This shows as "Delete Product when Inventory = 0". Once this has been selected, the system will check each week for if the product no longer has any stock at any location, along with if the product is on any PO, or similar situation that would stop it from being able to be deleted. It will also not get reordered if this option is checked. Once everything that is preventing the product from getting deleted has cleared up, the system will then automatically delete the product for you.
  • Frequent Buyer is now available in the system. You can set up frequent buyers as a promotion, and you can see the status of each customer's frequent buyer purchases underneath their Manage Customer page.

Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • There is a new permission that limits who can see, and who can edit tax exemptions in the system.

  • Actual Margin and Actual Markup will now update in real-time on the Product Management screen when editing via Smart Lines.

  • Only open house accounts will now show on under the customer screen.

  • Smart Table settings have been added to the House Account screen.

  • Employee ID has been removed as a required field.

  • A bug that prevented being able to set override taxes on products has been fixed.

  • Long Description has been added as an available column to Product Management.  The Long Description is what is used when displaying your product on your website.

  • A bug that prevented commissions from getting recorded on newly set up accounts has been corrected.

  • Entering Bin Locations via inventory count will now force the format of the bin location to be correct to make them also editable under the product.

  • There are a couple fixes for how categories are displayed, created, and marked as inactive in the software.
  • Exporting multiple pages of customers has been fixed.

Beta Features that can be enabled by calling support.

  • You can now enable AVS Verification for purchases above a certain dollar amount.

  • There is a new beta feature that can be enabled that will make printing to a receipt printer an asynchronous call. With this enabled the cash register will not wait for the receipt printer even if it not working.

POS 2.22 Release Notes