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  • The Fish Gallery - Regional 3 Store Chain

Complete Retail Solution Made Simple

The complete solution for running your store that is also incredibly simple to use.  Schedule your personalize demo today to see why.


Cash Register Cash Register

  • Clean interface that works like you think it should.
  • Secure Integrated EMV credit cards.
  • Commission support, including up to 5 way splits.
  • Tip support, also able to be split up to 5 ways.
  • Ability to use fractional quantities .  Great for bulk foods.
  • Price overrides.
  • Manual Discounts, both $ off, and % off.
  • Ad hoc notes.
  • Touch friendly
  • Returns can be tied to prior invoices.
  • Sales can be tied to customers.
  • Customer display option available.
  • Dozens of available reports.
  • Layaway support.
  • Quote support.
  • Put a sale on hold, and reopen it later.
  • Customizable Receipts.

Products Products

  • Simple management screen for maintaining product information.
  • Product Information DataBase (PIDB) integration.  This will populate your product information for you.
  • The PIDB also keeps your suppliers, and the costs you pay up to date, so you never end up selling a product below cost again.
  • Incredible simple inventory process.  If your employee can scan a product, they can do accurate inventories.
  • Markup support.
  • Cross store transfer support.
  • Multiple promotion types are supported.
  • Even more reports.
  • "Smart Tables" allow you to view the product information that's important to you.
  • Multiple barcode support, including being able to associate quantities to those barcodes.
  • "Smart Editing" allows you to edit data quickly within the table.
  • Support for multiple suppliers tied to each product.

Purchasing & Receiving

Purchasing and Receiving

  • Automatic PO generation that learns as you use the system.  This is awesome.
  • You can also generate Purchase Orders based on sales or manually.
  • Send orders to suppliers electronically.
  • Import electronic supplier invoices back into the system.
  • Scan Verification, which allows you verifiy what's being received.
  • Support for both Product and Shelf labels.
  • Support for multiple pricing levels based on quantity ordered.
  • Once again, even more reports.
  • PO Discrepancy Report.

Employee Dashboard

Employee Dashboard

  • Track employee clock ins and outs.
  • Auto clock outs if the employee forgets to.
  • Admin ability to edit clock ins and clock outs.
  • Full trackability and accountability.
  • Commission tracking and reporting.
  • Ability to correct commissions
  • Tip tracking and reporting.
  • Ability to correct tips.
  • Commissions can be calculated off of Net or Profit
  • Override commission rates supported.


Unique Features

  • Scheduled Reports allow your reports to be sent to you automatically
  • Reports are available in both pdf and xls formats giving you the ultimate flexibility.
  • Notification support to tell you proactively when certain actions happen in the system.
  • "Smart Tables" so you can see and use the tables the way you want to.
  • "Smart Edit" so you can quickly edit the data with the tables itself.
  • "Smart Search" allows quick and easy searching throughout.
  • The automatic generation of purchase orders that learns and gets smarter over time.
  • Incredibly powerful, yet still very simple to use.
  • We have the best support of any POS company we have ever seen.
  • Can be installed on as many computers as you need at no extra charge.
  • Fully Responsive Professional Websites integration available.
  • You can mark products as seasonal so you only order them when you will sell them.

Optional Modules

  • Supports many other optional modules to make everything even better.
  • Pinogy Loyalty: Turning New Customers into Repeat Customers.
  • Websites: Professional Responsive Websites.
  • Wholesale Financing: Pay as you sell or over time.
  • House Accounts: Extend credit to your customers to allow them to pay over time.
  • Direct Supplier Integrations
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Industry specific modules
  • And more...

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