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Run your retail business with Pinogy and multi-store operations becomes streamlined. Do more with Pinogy's intuitive platform for growing your retail profits and success, all without the hassles and complexities typically found in POS systems.

Scale your retail business with agile product data Features

Pinogy Point of Sale supports an extensive assortment of integrations and offers you the flexibility and power you need to optimize product data and outperform competitors.

It’s easy

• Drag-and-drop functionality
• Preconfigured channel templates  
• Integrated best practices

It's fast

• Simple to set-up
• Real time data reports
• Data uploads and integrated APIs

It’s scalable

• No catalog is too large
• One price, unlimited channels 
• Website and marketing integration

It’s innovative

• Advanced data tools
• Pinogy's Product Information Database
• Machine learning & AI capabilities

It’s flexible

• Compatible with many platforms
• Easily accessible 
• Ready-to-use data option

It’s got first class support

• Highly competent and experienced
• Friendly and dedicated 
• Fast and efficient

Perfect for retail stores just like yours

Pinogy works for every business.

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