"Pay As You Sell" Inventory Financing

The pay as you sell financing program is revolutionizing the way retailers fund their inventory needs.

With revolving lines of credit available (up to $200,000 per location), pay as you sell Inventory Financing eliminates two of the biggest hurdles retailers face:

1. Funding the product you need vs. the product you can afford.
2. Alleviating season and fluctuating cash flow challenges by paying or the product as it sells.


Stocked Inventory

Increase Credit Line

The team at Pinogy is always looking for new ways to help businesses grow. Lost sales due to out of stocks cost small businesses billions of dollars each year. Our pay as you sell Inventory Financing programs are tailored to each industry’sunique needs and maximizes inventory turns while minimizing lost sales and customer frustration from out-of-stocks.

These programs, also known as floor planning, provide flexible payments based on inventory sales. 

Pinogy purchases your inventory from your existing vendor and you are billed daily as the product sells.

Retailers using our pay as you sell program have seen gross sales increases as high as 41%.

The Pay As You Sell Benefits Include:

Growing your business and aiding in cash flow management

Increase purchase frequency and capitalize on periodic purchasing opportunities such as manufacturer/distributor promotions, trade show discounts etc.

Test market new products with your customers and pay as they sell.

Access up to $5,000 in financing quickly through a fast and easy online process with instant approval notification.

Support concierges are available to guide you every step of the way.

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*Business lines of credit are based on your business and not your personal credit.

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